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Gran Canaria boasts a great quantity of beaches of all types along with its steeply rising shoreline. Gran Canaria has a naturally rich source of golden and sandy beaches that are very unique for their beauty and the condition. Gran Canaria has more than 60 km. of beaches, 128 beaches to choose from, 365 days sunshine as well as the impressive Maspalomas with 250 hectares of dunes by the sea. Gran Canaria also has more than thirty nudist beaches. The Playa del Ingles (English Beach) and Maspalomas Beach are the most popular beaches in Gran Canaria, with its 250 hectares of shifting dunes and palm tree oasis and they are internationally known for their unrivalled beauty.

In addition; while there are many attractive beach areas on the island, of these four have been singled out for special mention that include the resorts of San Agustin, Puerto Rico, Puerto Mogan and Las Canteras. Like Playa del Ingles and Maspalomas, all these resorts also are equipped with a wide range of accommodation, restaurants and attractions of every kind. San Agustin beach and the neighbouring Las Burras beach and Playa del Ingles beach provide the best beaches for windsurfing in Gran Canaria. All three beaches have board and equipment hire facilities as well as windsurfing schools providing tuition for beginners and other levels. In addition; Pozo Izquierdo beach and Tarajalillo beach that are situated a few kilometres from San Agustin, are the areas exposed to stronger winds and suitable for the expert windsurfers. The region has been designated as the official site for several world championships.

Best Beaches in Gran Canaria for you...

  • Las Canteras Beach in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

    Las Canteras beach is the main beach of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Las Canteras beach is a more than 3 km. of golden sand beach and stretches the length of the western side of the isthmus on which the city stands and which joins the island with the group of volcanic cones, known as La Isleta.
  • Playa del Ingles Beach in Playa del Ingles

    Playa del Ingles beach is a wonderful beach that stretches for about 3 km. lengthwise and about 2 km. inland at its widest point and ends just where other popular holiday resort Maspalomas begins. Playa del Ingles beach is bordered by two beaches, that Maspalomas beach on the west and San Agustin beach on the east.

  • Maspalomas Beach in Maspalomas

    Maspalomas beach is possibly the best known and most photographed in all of the Canary islands. It is the central beach in Maspalomas.
  • Playa Meloneras Beach in Maspalomas

    Playa Meloneras beach is also located nearby Maspalomas beach and it is calm and not crowded regarding the Maspalomas and Playa del Ingles beaches.
  • San Agustin Beach in San Agustin

    San Agustin beach is a beautiful beach starting from San Agustin and ends in Playa del Ingles. San Agustin beach is much more calm and quieter than the nearby popular beaches of Playa del Ingles and Maspalomas.
  • Puerto de Mogan Beach in Puerto de Mogan

    Puerto de Mogan beach is beautiful and situated a few hundred yards further on from the harbour, at the mouth of the gorge of the same name.
  • Playa Amadores Beach in Puerto Rico

    Amadores beach (Playa de Amadores) is a quiet beach located on the western side of Puerto Rico. Holidaymakers may spend great day out and have peaceful swimming, sunbathing and dining day out at the Amadores beach.
  • Puerto Rico Beach in Puerto Rico

    Puerto Rico beach is one of the most attractive beaches in Gran Canaria. It is a quiet beach around that is possible to enjoy a wide assortment of activities.

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