Eating Out in Corralejo - What to Eat in Corralejo?

Eating out in Corralejo is also great. Holidaymakers may find variety of cafes and restaurants in Corralejo along the beautiful coastline and promenade area of Corralejo and enjoy the local cuisine, traditional tapas, international dishes and fresh seafood.

Corralejo is the best holiday town for dining and eating out with its quality restaurants. The restaurants in Corralejo are a bit cheaper than the other holiday destinations in Fuerteventura.

As for eating out in Fuerteventura; the traditional cuisine of Fuerteventura is mostly based on simple dishes prepared from goat meat, fish and the fruits.

Seafood and fresh fish is one of the best dishes and popular ones include swordfish, octopus and sea bass.

Fuerteventura is also very famous with its goat cheese.

As for drinks; Calimocho,  a mixture of red wine and coke is a popular local drink. In addition, Dorada or Tropical are the popular local beers.

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